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Why use
A recent study by wwwmetrics confirms what very active web surfers have suspected for a long time--search engines are falling behind in indexing the entire web. According to their study, "Search engine coverage has decreased substantially since December 97, with no engine indexing more than about 16% of the web." is about options. Rather than depending on any one web site to find information, use this site to compensate for the shortcomings any one site.
  • No single general search engine indexes more than 16% of the web
    Use to easily search on multiple sites to compensate for the shortcomings of web coverage on any single search engine. For example, the information that you seek might only be available from searching Northern Light, and not on Altavista, Hotbot, Excite, or Lycos.

  • Target your search to specialized topics
    Use to search multiple specialized sites at the same time. This is a much more effective way to search for information than using general search sites on the home page for two reasons. First, most of the content to be found on specialized sites used by (example: Muze) is stored in databases and is not available from search engines like Altavista. Second, by targeting specialized sites, you eliminate most of the unwanted output of search engines. See top of each page for a list of specialized search topics.

  • Search engines rank results differently
    Sometimes the information you're looking for is buried inside several pages of search results in one search engine, while another search engine has this information on its first results page. You can use this site to quickly scan the top results pages of many search engines. Perhaps what you're looking for is ranked near the top of one of the search engines.

  • Compare prices
    It's almost always to your advantage to shop around. Shopping online is no exception. This site makes it easy and quick to check prices on competing web sites for the same item. Just as in the physical world, prices for merchandise can vary a great deal between online sites. In other cases, you may find that many online stores have exactly the same prices, but the availability of the item is different. You may find that sites have identical or nearly identical prices and availability, but the shipping and/or sales tax charges vary. In the future this site will provide shipping and sales tax information for the online retailers listed, so you can estimate your shipping and sales tax charges in advance. Contact us if you would like us to add another online store or shopping category.

  • Just can't get enough information
    If you're an information addict, or just want as much information as you can get about a particular topic, makes it easy to dig deep in the web, by providing many options for your search.

Why would anyone want to search more than one site? The internet is already full of too much information--I'm trying to escape from "information overload."
We don't recommend that you use this site every time you search the internet, just when it makes sense. On this page we give some reasons when it makes sense to use Think of this site as a useful tool.

Why not just use a meta-search engine?
Meta-search engines compile search results from several different engines into one results page (example: metacrawler) We've found that using meta-search engines don't give same kind of freedom as We encourage you to experiment with and with meta-search engines to develop a sense of which tool is best for the job.

Browsing versus Searching
This site is a tool for people who know what they are looking for, and would like to actively search for it. If you are interested in browsing the internet, not looking for anything in particular, you'd be better off not using this site. has just begun. It will continue to grow. If you have ideas for new sites to be searched, or whole new search categories, contact us. We welcome any comments.

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