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Search Music Databases & Reviews(Rock)--a new window will appear for each selection
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*All Music Guide
CDDB ("world's largest online CD database")
Launch (no song search)
Q (reviews 1986 to present; no search by song)
NME ("UK's biggest online archive of music news", reviews 1990 to present)
Rolling Stone
Ultimate Band List (no song search)
*Yahoo! Music (uses Muze music database)
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Online Music Store Search--a new window will appear for each selection
Compare prices and availability. Use location information to avoid sales tax.
Classical search is not yet available.

For even better prices and out of print titles, try the music auction search.

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Amazon (sales tax in NV, WA)
CD Now (sales tax in NY, PA)
CD Universe (sales tax in CT)
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Visitors to are reminded to refrain from illegal activities.
Napster puts all of these searches to shame.
*Hotbot MP3 Search
*Lycos Fast MP3 Search
Mp3 Search
*Savvysearch (a metasearch)
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